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I work in an NGO. We have been working from home since Mid March 2020.

I have two challenges, one is how to track employee performance. How can they account for their time?

Two, I have support staff whose work is manual, office based( office assistant, cleaner, messenger, driver, cook). How do I handle this situation because there is no work for them.

Warm Regards,

HR & Admin Manager

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Dear Monica,


I hope you are keeping well and safe and that the advise provided earlier was helpful. In addition to the earlier guidance, please also consider the below in respect to monitoring and tracking performance of staff working from home:

  1. Set clear expectations.
  2. Stay connected and communicate.
  3. Foster a growth mindset.
  4. Manage accomplishments, not activity.
  5. Create a visual scoreboard.
  6. Leverage technology.

All the best. Please give us feedback on how you are progressing


Best Regards


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Dear Monica,


Apologies for delayed response. Thanks for for your question too. The Covid 19 has resulted in forced changes in the ways companies operate which has positives and negatives in them. You have posed 2 questions which I will answer separately.

  1. How do you track employee performance? Employee performance is based on 2 things; deliverables and actionables. The heads of department are fully responsible for the outcomes of their reportees. The HODs should be held accountable for daily actions. This is where personal accountability is required and it could form a measure or index to be considered during performance reviews. Creatively devise a tracking mechanism whether through constant email checks when the laptop which I’m hoping is a company laptop is switched on or an online attendance tool for those working from home. You could also request for daily reports to determine if the said staff are productive.
  2. How do you handle support staff whose work is manual and office related. There are 2 ways to handle this, depending on availability of funding to sustain salaries. If there is no funding, such staff could be sent on unpaid leave until such a time when the situation normalizes. However, please follow the procedure in this scenario where you meet with the staff and explain such extreme measures to them and minute the discussions. Later on on you serve them with such letters to communicate the meeting outcome and company directives. and measures. Secondly, where funding is not an issue, staff can take their leave days in totality and a decision made after such leave is depleted. This could be inform of unpaid leave days or compassionate, this is all depending on your HR policies and the labour laws

The above will suffice for now. Please feel free to revert for any further queries or clarifications


Keep safe

Best Regards

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