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Transform Your Talent Acquisition with CDL’s Psychometric & Personality Testing Services in Kenya

Finding the right candidate can be a gamble. Resumes don’t always reveal the whole picture, and interviews can be subjective. That’s where CDL Kenya’s best-in-class Psychometric & Personality Testing services come in.

Are you a Kenyan company tired of:

  • High employee turnover due to poor hiring decisions?
  • Wasted time and resources on unsuitable candidates?
  • Uncertain fit within your company culture?

Traditional hiring methods often fall short. You need a data-driven approach to identify the skills, personality traits, and potential of your candidates.

Our Corporates Solution

CDL Kenya offers top-tier Psychometric & Personality Testing services in Kenya and East Africa, designed to enhance your talent acquisition strategy. Our tests provide thorough talent assessment solutions, supporting organizations in the selection, performance management, and development of people at all levels and across all sectors.

Our Psychometric Tests in Kenya provide two types of assessments:

  1. Ability Test: Assesses the capability and measures the maximum performance that can be achieved by the candidate in the job.
  2. Personality Test: Takes inventory of the individual’s personality and determines suitability for the job.

Case Study (Name Hidden): How Company X Enhanced Their Hiring Process

When Company X searched for the best psychometric testing services in Kenya, they found CDL Kenya through a Google search. Facing high turnover rates and costly hiring mistakes, they decided to implement our psychometric and personality testing services.


  • Improved Retention: Employee turnover decreased by 30%.
  • Enhanced Performance: New hires performed 20% better in their first year.
  • Better Fit: Employees reported higher job satisfaction and better cultural alignment.

Key Benefits of Our Psychometric & Personality Testing Services

Imagine the impact on your Kenyan business:

  • Reduce recruitment costs by hiring the right talent the first time.
  • Improve team performance with candidates who excel in their roles.
  • Boost employee retention by creating a more engaged and compatible workforce.
  • Make data-driven decisions to build a high-performing team.
Psychometric & Personality Testing services in Kenya

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Don’t let poor hiring decisions hinder your organization’s growth. Choose CDL Kenya’s Psychometric Assessment and Personality Testing service to ensure you select the right candidates every time. Sign up now for our corporate services and transform your hiring process going forward!

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