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    Payroll workloads have increasingly become more difficult, leading to employee burnout and low productivity. Payroll outsourcing takes over the entire burden of running payroll and handles the necessary tasks such as preparing the tax returns, preparing the tax documents, collecting the payroll data, and calculating the salary of the employees. CDL payroll services have been helping client workload for the last 14 years.

    1.       ENSURE ACCURACY

    Running accurate and timely payroll consistently is a mandate, and the challenges surrounding it continue to take the time of payroll, HR professionals and the whole organization. Outsourcing payroll, allows your team to devote time to strategic HR partnership with the organization, helping drive productivity, leadership, engagement and innovation. CDL Payroll team has well-trained personnel that uses dedicated HR technology to achieve accuracy.


    We all know the struggle of meeting KRA Deadlines. Outsourcing your payroll services helps you to avoid fines and potential legal consequences your organization may face in the case of noncompliance. CDL keeps our clients updated on any labour market changes. With compliance, your business or organization’s access to periodic compliance certification by all statutory bodies is assured which goes a long way in your business development agenda.


    Confidentiality in Payroll is important in ensuring that private business information is protected. Outsourcing your payroll services may make you feel like your privacy will not be protected. At CDL, Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed to ensure that all your business information will stay protected.

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