Swimming Pool Manager

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Department: Recreation or Facilities Management
Job Purpose:
The Swimming Pool Manager is responsible for the efficient and safe operation of a swimming pool
facility. They oversee all aspects of pool operations, manage lifeguards and support staff, and ensure a
high level of service, safety, and cleanliness for pool users.
Key Responsibilities:
Pool Operations:
 Oversee the daily operation of the swimming pool, including pool opening and closing
 Maintain pool water quality, temperature, and filtration systems, ensuring compliance with
health and safety standards.
 Schedule and manage pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair activities.
Lifeguard Management:
 Supervise lifeguards and pool staff, ensuring they are properly certified and knowledgeable
about pool safety protocols.
 Develop and maintain a lifeguarding schedule that provides adequate coverage during
operational hours.
 Conduct regular lifeguard drills and ensure staff is well-prepared to respond to emergencies.
Safety and Compliance:
 Ensure that pool operations comply with local, state, and federal regulations and health codes.
 Implement and enforce safety protocols and emergency response procedures.
 Conduct regular safety inspections and maintain proper safety equipment.
Guest Services:
 Provide excellent customer service to pool users and address any concerns or issues in a
professional and timely manner.
 Develop and implement programs and events to enhance the overall guest experience, such as
swim lessons, water fitness classes, and special events.
Financial Management:
 Develop and manage the swimming pool budget, including revenue and expense forecasting.
 Monitor and analyze financial performance and recommend cost-effective measures.
 Implement strategies to increase pool revenue, such as membership and program sales.

Facility Maintenance:

 Coordinate routine maintenance and repair tasks to ensure the pool and surrounding areas are
clean, safe, and well-maintained.
 Manage relationships with contractors and vendors for repairs and renovations.
Inventory and Supplies:
 Maintain an inventory of pool equipment, chemicals, and supplies, ensuring they are well-
stocked and organized.
 Order necessary supplies and equipment within budget constraints.
Staff Training and Development:
 Provide ongoing training, performance evaluations, and feedback to pool staff.
 Foster a positive work environment and promote teamwork among staff.
Qualifications and Skills:
 Bachelor's degree or Diploma in any related field preferred.
 Proven years of experience in pool management.
 Strong leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
 Knowledge of safety and emergency procedures related to swimming pools.
 Familiarity with pool water chemistry and treatment.
 Ability to handle emergency situations calmly and effectively.
 Proficiency in using pool management software and basic computer skills.
 Lifeguard certification may be required, and lifeguard instructor certification is a plus.
 CPR and First Aid certification may also be required.
 Certified Pool Operator (CPO) or Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) certification would be an added

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