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Do you have what it takes to be a Product Support Manager?
Product Support Manager Job Summary
Planning and carrying out direct product sales management activities. Improving
sales and customer satisfaction. Ensuring that the created product strategy and specifications are carried out successfully. Liaising with the Workshop and Sales Departments to be able to execute effectively and optimize sales.
Product Support Manager Responsibilities and Duties
•Leading internal processes to define product strategy.
•Planning as well as carrying out direct product sales and marketing.
•Performance of product demonstration to clients.
•Managing the product throughout the product life cycle.
•Working with sales and service teams to ensure client satisfaction.
•Ensuring the product sales efforts support the overall company strategy.
•Developing of sales tools.
•Formulating  product sales policies, practices, and procedures of getting the product to the market.
•Gathering, analyzing, and reporting on feedback from sales, marketing, and development of the market.
•Developing and maintaining specific plans to ensure revenue growth.
•Conducting business level verification and market testing for new features.
•Developing and maintaining product requirement documents for each product line.
•Conducting market research and customer visits to understand and specify business requirements for target market.
•Overseeing product research and development according to market trends and client demands.
•Documenting and reporting on product profitability.
•Articulating product positioning.
•Identification of business opportunities.
•Overseeing that all client inquiries and requests are appropriately responded to.
•Any other duties assigned by management.
Qualifications and Skills
•Degree in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronics)
•MS Office Suite / Computer Proficiency
•3 years experience in the same, similar or related field and above
•Ability to work with and within a team, with ability and openness to learn as well as teach
•Communication skills and customer service relations
•Strong interpersonal, leadership and management skills
•Analytical and pays attention to detail
•Problem solving skills and goal orientation
•Flexible to travel
•Proficiency in English and Swahili

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