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Our client would like to recruit a Junior programmer to play a significant role in assisting firms in making tough decisions to meet up their short as well as long term objectives. They normally use information systems acumen along with business data to help them construct operating software to help increase their corporate income levels, improve the business  competitive rank and worker efficiency

Duties of a Junior Programmer

  • A junior programmer is responsible in using a computing language, such as Java or C++, to create the kind of file that will serve up as orders that a computer can easily follow, and this is called a program. Most junior programmers need to know several of computing languages and choose which language to utilize that will be based on the purpose of the program they are building up.
  • A junior programmer is responsible in completing tasks under the management of a senior programmer as well as giving support through the design, progress, completion and maintenance of a corporation’s internal developed function services.
  • A junior programmer is also responsible in installing and applying programming 60 FPS custom user interfaces for platforms such as Wii, PS3 as well as iPhone
  • A junior hairdresser is responsible in porting as well as in maintaining competent code base across several platforms.
  • He or she must also have good understanding and knowledgeable as well in using third party web services.


Educational Requirements of a Junior Programmer


A bachelor’s degree in computer science or any related field is required for a junior programmer   position

Skills for a Junior Programmer

A junior programmer must have good communication skills (both written and verbal) as well as critical-thinking capability when completing his assigned tasks and duties.


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