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This section of the document highlights the roles and responsibilities of Sales Head


The role of sales head is to develop and introduce sales and marketing strategies to improve current business, identify new market opportunities and ensure the effective development and promotion of the company and its training services. Sales Head’s role also includes doing revenue planning and maintaining management control function of sales & marketing department.

The person is fully in charge of client relationship management of all computer pride corporate customers to ensure repeat business and strong business relationship.


The Sales Head reports directly to the CEO.

Key Areas of Responsibilities

  • Sales Head will adhere to organization systems and polices of the company.
  • He/ She will oversee functioning of sales department.
  • Sales head is responsible for generating revenue for the organization using various resources.
  • He/ She will conduct internal assessment of the resources in his department.
  • He/ She will administer the external market analysis for both individual and corporate learning solutions.
  • He/ She will keep track of competitors’ and customers’ activities that can affect company
  • He/ She will keep good relations with corporate customers – both current and past
  • He/ She will prepare the annual sales plan. Define the targets for both corporate and individual learning solutions.
  • He/ She will set sales targets for sales managers under him. Monitor and analyze their performance.
  • He/ She will define market segments wise marketing activity and will ensure marketing calendar and budget is prepared on time.
  • He/ She will attend/conduct seminars and exhibitions to generate leads and enquiries.
  • He/ She will identify actions for improvement based on evaluation received from attendees of seminars conducted by COMPANY.
  • He/ She will assign lead number, inquiry number, proposal number and order number to the new leads, inquiries, proposals and orders respectively.
  • Responsible for meeting corporate clients to generate more business.
  • Organize events, presentations etc in schools and colleges to get more leads.
  • He/ She will delegate the quotations to be prepared to the sales people under him and ensure that the quotations are sent to the client on time and required follow up is done till the confirmation of order.
  • He/ She will identify the need for a partner in finalizing the training solution for a corporate customer. Identify the partner and finalize it.
  • He/ She will ensure maximum utilization of people working in the department.
  • He/ She will review periodic reports from managers and recommend various alternatives/actions.
  • He/ She will plan the manpower requirements, infrastructure requirements and budget to implement the sales plan.
  • He/ She will identify skill development/enhancement needs of the team and arrange for required training.
  • He/ She will train the sales people working under him/her.
  • He/she will work on improvement of company’s image and establish brand image in market through marketing and promotional activities.
  • He/ She will prepare following forms
Checklist for Country Market Analysis M101C1
Checklist for Internal Analysis M102C1
Revenue Plan M103F2
Budget Requirement Sheet M103F3
Manpower Requirement Form M103F4
Course Market Activity Matrix M104F1
Marketing and PR Activity Report C201R1
Franchise Selection Checklist C209C1


  • He/ She will prepare following reports
    1. Annually
      1. Market Analysis Report (M101R1)
      2. Internal Analysis Report – Course (M102R1)
    2. Monthly
      1. Marketing & PR Activity Report (C201R1)
      2. Sales Report Corporate(C105R1)
    3. Sales Report-Individual(C208R2)
  • Prepare any other reports and documents as required by management.
  • Build and maintain good relation with key clients.

Key Participatory Areas

  • Sales Head will assist individual sales manager and corporate sales manager in conducting the external market and competitor analysis.
  • He/ She will assist marketing manager in preparing the material for Brochures, Collaterals & Website and give required approvals.
  • He/ She will assist corporate sales manager in identifying the training solution or assessing the tie up opportunities with the corporate customers (if required).
  • He/ She will assist corporate sales manager in preparing the quotations and giving required approvals.
  • He/ She will assist franchisee manager in assessing and finalizing the new franchisee and evaluating the performance of existing franchisee.





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