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Internal Audit Manager

Summary of work environment
Internal audit keeps their hand on the pulse of the business by ensuring key controls are in place and significant risks are identified and mitigated.


Primary Purpose and Scope the Job (Job Role)
Ensuring Audit Roles carried out well and according to set standards. Coordination of Audit Function to ensure all tasks are completed on time. Ensuring finalization of audits is done in a manner that creates impact and ensuring recommendations are tracked on an ongoing basis.


Duties and Responsibilities:
1.       Developing an annually risk-based audit plan for audit committee review and approval. Overseeing the implementation of the plan and adjusting the plan as needed in response to the business risks changes.

2.       Performing organization-wide risk assessments to identify significant risks or exposure related to internal controls.

3.       Review audit work and reports generated by the team, ensuring adherence to IIA standards.

4.       Ensuring follow up on findings and corrective actions.

5.       Coordinating and preparing Audit Committee reports. Participating in quarterly or more frequent Audit Committee meetings.

6.       Investigating and reporting to the Audit Committee on activities reported through Java’s Whistleblower system.

7.       Staying abreast of emerging trends and successful practices in internal audit related to FMCG and retail sector.

8.       Develop the team reporting to the role by identifying training/development needs.

9.       Establishing and assigning departmental goals to team members and evaluating their performance.

10.   Providing technical assistance with investigations and special audits


Key Result Areas/ Key Performance Indicators (5-6 areas) Performance Indicators (3-5 indicators)

Measures of the success of the Key results areas/Key performance Indicators

·         Strategic and data driven approach to audits to ensure revenue accountability and cost control.

·         Timely completion of audits according to set standards and guidelines

·         Timely reporting – quarterly to Board Audit and Risk Committee (BARC) and on ongoing basis to management.

·         Ensuring the team is productively engaged and work is done to set standards

·         Lead follow up on closure of audit issues raised/implementation of audit recommendations

·         Build relationships with key staff and management

·         >=90% of audits done within target timeslot and findings report shared with management and BARC.

·         Audits done with strong application of auditing standards

·         Periodic reports on continuous auditing (revenue assurance and cost reviews) to be sent on time.

·         >= 75% of recommendations implemented by management.


Job specifications: Define the skills, knowledge and experience specific to the job in question (includes generic skills).

Bachelor’s degree in a business course

Certified Public Accountant/Certified Internal Auditor



At least 5 years’ experience in internal auditing or 3 years in a recognized professional firm


SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT (Licenses, certificates, credentials, travel, Physical requirements etc.)

Availability to be out of primary station (Nairobi) up to 30% of the time.



Core COMPETENCIES: Core competency is fundamental knowledge, ability, or expertise in a specific subject area or skill set.

1.       Numerical & analytical skills

2.       Ability to handle multiple priorities

3.       Supervisory skills

4.       Coordination and team control skills




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