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Health and Safety Manager

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Duties and Responsibilities

Our client in manufacturing industry would like to recruit a health and safety manager, While the nature of the employer’s industry greatly affects daily tasks performed by a health and safety manager, some core responsibilities go along with the position. The candidate should poses vast experience in managerial role

Monitor Workplace Health and Safety

Health and safety managers constantly look for possible problems in the workplace, both informally and through scheduled inspections. In doing so, they hope to spot hazards before negative incidents occur. The manager’s actions create a better environment and ensure the company complies with government and industry regulations.

Encourage Best Health and Safety Practices

Giving people rules or info is one thing, but getting them to follow along is quite another. Health and safety managers often develop programs to promote and reward positive behavior like wearing proper safety gear. They ask staff members for feedback and suggestions on how to improve the workplace, and they make it known that anyone can drop by for advice.

Deal with Injuries

When someone gets hurt, a health and safety manager may perform basic first aid and ensure prompt medical attention. This leader also works with other parties to investigate what happened, fill out accident reports, and monitor claims.

Manage Health and Safety Department

Health and safety managers oversee a team or department. They are responsible for hiring and firing employees, setting schedules, and assigning projects. Managers also attend meetings with other leaders, participate in organizational decision-making, and issue reports on their domain. When government inspectors come to visit, health and safety managers show them around and provide necessary paperwork documenting compliance measures.

Skills and Qualifications

Great interpersonal skills serve health and safety managers well. By clearly communicating with staff, they promote understanding and correct action. On the flipside, managers also should be excellent listeners. A worker’s minor concern might warrant attention before it becomes a major problem, and someone’s common-sense suggestion could form the basis of a great improvement. Other factors critical to the job include:

  • Leadership – following every safety procedure to a tee makes a manager a good role model whom others respect
  • Teamwork – managers collaborate with leaders of other departments and foster an overall “we’re in this together” spirit among employees
  • Attention to detail – health and safety managers are keen observers who know that spotting “little” things can yield big results
  • Organization skills – keeping investigations thorough, on schedule, and according to established procedure maintains safety and satisfies regulatory organizations


Health and Safety Manager Education and Training

Candidates for this position possess a bachelor’s degree or higher in occupational health, industrial hygiene, or a related field.

Over 10 years’ experience in the industry

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