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CDL, a leading HR Consultancy in Kenya, was founded in early 2003 by its current Managing Director Lucy Mmari. Within her 14-year tenure in a well-established logistics company, she honed her skills in Human Resources Management and thereafter started CDL. After the amendment of the Kenya Labor Laws in 2007, CDL launched a key service within its portfolio – outsourced labor management, tailored to cater for workers at different levels.

Employers at the time were experiencing difficulty managing workers, and this was a strong suit of the managing director; opportunity. Surveys at the time reflected that 61% of Kenya’s top executives were outsourcing business functions and using up to 46% more temporary or contractual staff. This saw CDL’s foray into staff outsourcing through our specialized recruitment services for corporates.

The competitive advantage held over other HR Consultancy firms in Kenya was that CDL managed to keep both employer and employee happy. She was once quoted as saying, “I make sure that both sides get the benefits,” a fact upheld by CDL’s 100% compliance with labor law, statutory deductions, and health and safety requirements.

Currently, CDL is managing 4,700 workers and was recently awarded a license to work with companies at the Export Processing Zone (EPZ). There are over 7,000 workers in the 50-plus companies in these zones, and they are always agitating for their rights. Over the years, CDL has spread its wings across Africa and continues to offer top-of-class HR management solutions to its clients, solidifying its position among the leading HR Consulting firms in Kenya.

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