CDL is a proactive Human Resource Management firm that has been in operation since 2003, providing a complete range of HR solutions. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest level of professionalism and expertise. We continue to provide support for our extensive client base in Africa.

We are your one-stop shop for all HR related queries and advocate for mandatory Human Resource practices while going the extra mile to proactively address workers needs in order to achieve optimum productivity.

We strive to provide you with unrivaled quality of personnel to increase the effectiveness of your operation. We provide you with the region’s best fit in education, knowledge, skills, and experience to suit your organization’s needs.

We are focused on consolidating and strengthening our market position to ensure that we are constantly driving industry innovation in key areas such as service, quality and reliability.

CDL is a people-focused organization – without our people we simply cannot meet our goals and achieve our vision. As such, we focus on the principles of sustainability and compliance, living by the “three ps”:


  1. People

  2. Professionalism

  3. Partnership


The ongoing professional development of the people within the cdl family, through continuous training ensures that:

We show respect towards our people and their values; we do not compromise on safety and work with enthusiasm and enjoyment.

We are pioneers; working constantly on achieving sustainable results. We creatively explore new options and improved solutions.

We are continually striving to exceed the expectations of our clients and our commitments, to deliver excellent service; in any place and at any time.




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