Medical Lab Technologists Job :

Medical Lab Technologists Job :

Qualifications and Licences

  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences or any other equivalent qualifications from an institution recognized by the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board

  • Registration Certificate issued by the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board

  • Valid practicing license from the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists

  • minimum of 3 years’ experience in a busy hospital environment


  • Receiving, verifying and processing of specimens

  • Preparing clients for collection of specimens

  • Receiving, collecting, labelling and registering of specimens

  • Disaggregating specimens for processing analyses

  • Preparing reagents

  • Examining specimens

  • Writing and recording of results

  • Dispatching the results for use in clinical management

  • Preparing stains

  • Ensure delivery of high quality services, stock control and excellent customer service.

  • Knowledge and experience in People Management and Customer Service.

  • Effectively manage laboratory supplies to ensure availability, efficient use and minimal stock variances

  • Dispatch samples for outsourced testing in a timely manner and maintain related records

  • Maintain laboratory archives and relevant records

  • Good organizational, problem solving and interpersonal skills.

  • Ability to work with minimum supervision

  • Timely release of accurate, precise and reproducible results

  • Archiving of specimens and records as per laboratory SOPS

  • Proper Management of laboratory equipment by doing daily routine maintenance, calibration and quality control.

  • Proper Management of laboratory reagents and consumables as per laboratory SOPS

  • Participation in EQA and other quality assurance programs.

  • Creation and Maintenance of Laboratory documents and records

  • Compliance with relevant policies and procedures including but not limited to those related to safety and infection control.

  • Knowledge and experience in different laboratory disciplines especially haematology, biochemistry and microbiology

  • Good computer and problem-solving skills

  • Team player