Marketing-Management Trainee

Marketing-Management Trainee


Job Title:

Marketing Trainee





Primary Purpose

Marketing trainee will identify and attract sporting opportunities that generate and build the NOC Kenya brand. He/she will focus on raising the profile of NOC Kenya as Olympics champion by aggressively marketing using existing resources and targeting events that will generate a positive partnership and sponsorship opportunities.


Key Accountabilities

  • Marketing of NOC Kenya guided by its vision of being a leading, competitive and impactful National Olympic Committee globally.

  • Promoting NOC Kenya brand.

  • Promoting International Sports Relationships

  • The establishment and maintenance of stable and strategic sponsorships and partnerships. This would include:

    • Maintaining regular updates in all social media and traditional media platforms.

    • Sponsorship sales.

    • Merchandise and licensing initiatives.

    • Membership, ticketing and Olympic revenues.

  • Grow online revenues through the relationship with new and existing partners including online advertising, merchandising and travel partners.



  • Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma in Communications, Marketing, Business Administration, or relevant related field.



  • Excellent communication, organisational and administrative skills.

  • Knowledge of computers and software applications as related to sports.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of sports management.

  • Strong interpersonal and organisational skills.

  • 0-1 years’ experience