Floor Testing Manager

Role name: Floor Testing Manager

Role Summary: Managing test teams, and their testing functions is the responsibility of a Test Manager. They may recruit, hire and train staff to work on teams that prepare tests plans. These teams will follow standards. They provide training and job shadowing opportunities for their staff; this allows productivity and the work quality to improve. Test Managers also conduct risk assessment, risk management, quality assurance functions, writing reports and scheduling.

Software Testing - Testing Reports and Software to ensure that they meet design specifications, user requirements and set standards throughout the development cycle. 

• Client support- for Software running at various client sites by ensuring that defects are fixed and any other end user issues are resolved in a timely manner.  



Test planning of multiple testing projects

• Carry out research and keep up-to-date on software testing methodologies and systems

• Provide strategic input into the long-term testing team planning

• Prepare and implement the Software Test Plan.

• Review Test Cases documents

• Analyze requirements during the requirements analysis phase of projects.

• Keep track of new requirements from various Projects.

• Forecast / Estimate future Project requirements.

• Arrange the Hardware and software requirement for the Test Setup.

• Handle issues about project requirements (Software, Hardware, Resources).

• Assign task to all Testing Team members and ensure that all of them have sufficient work in the project.

• Act as a point of contact between Development and Testers for iterations, Testing and deployment activities.

• Track and report on testing activities

• Ensure content and structure of all Testing documents is documented and maintained.

• Responsible for setting up QA processes and procedures where necessary.

• Document, implement, monitor, and enforce all testing processes and procedures established as per standards defined by the organization.

• Check for timely delivery of different milestones.

• Identify Training requirements and forward to the Group Test Manager (Technical and Soft skills).

• Organize / Conduct internal trainings on new releases.

• Ensure availability of the necessary software testing applications, resources, tools, infrastructure, etc.

• Ensure all new releases have properly documented Release Notes and User manuals 

 Plan, write and execute test cases and work with team members to troubleshoot any problems for systems in production and under development.

• Carry out testing activities to ensure that high quality standards are achieved at all times for all software releases.

• Ensure the delivery of high quality releases on time, following the testing and release calendar.

• Track project and release risks and issues and escalate them to the necessary people.

• Provide assistance to the QA Manager in planning and co-ordinating testing activities to ensure successful deployment of all releases and patches to the live environment.

• To produce effective documentation of software issues and enhancement requests so that accurate test records are maintained and tasks can be easily assigned to team members ensuring effective utilization of development resources.

• To engage with projects in early phases to ensure alignment with the overall release calendar and provide information to the QA Manager on release schedules and plans.

• To identify and define opportunities for improvement to ensure that overall quality standards and customer expectations are met or exceeded.  



Test Managers can access qualifications from several bodies. These may include the:

•    ISTQB 

•    ISEB

Attaining traditional educational pursuits such as an Associate, Bachelors and Masters Degrees is also acceptable in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY /ICT. These prepare Test Managers with the necessary knowledge and skills in areas 


APPLY TO; cvs@cdl.co.ke