Our client  would like to fill a position for company secretary guide company directors about the day-to-day management of their organizations, including compliance with legal and statutory requirements. Employers of company secretaries include local and national government, charities, accountancies, banks/financial institutions, housing associations, law firms etc.

 Typical responsibilities of the job include:

  • convening and servicing annual general meetings (AGM)/meetings (producing agendas, taking minutes; conveying decisions etc.)

  • providing support to committees and working parties such as the Board of Directors etc.

  • implementing procedural/administrative systems

  • handling correspondence before and after meetings

  • ensuring policies are kept current, are approved, and that company members are aware of their implications, e.g. legal

  • writing reports

  • collating information

  • providing legal/financial advice during and outside of meetings.



  • administering pension schemes and share issues

  • dealing with company/staff insurance policies

  • managing contractual arrangements with suppliers/customers

  • financial and HR administration

  • maintaining current awareness about company law

  • keeping a register of shareholders and liaising with them on behalf of the company.

Key skills for company secretaries

Candidates should possess diplomacy, meticulous attention to detail, good numerical, organizational and time management skills and a genuine interest in business. Excellent computing, secretarial, interpersonal, teamworking and written/verbal communication skills are also important.

NB: Candidates from costal region are encourage to apply.