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To provide second level support to customer queries received from all touch points and act as a link between MCK departments and corporate in regards to escalations.



The key accountabilities, interfaces and measures of this role is further elaborated below:


Key Accountabilities

  • Using MAL’s internal CRM system, manage technical and Service Support escalations from all service touch points (Branch, Call Centre, Social Media, Agencies, Field service, Anti-piracy team, Service Desk etc.)

  • Activate or deactivate customers’ satellite services upon request.

  • Prioritizing and handling escalations as received from different customer touch points

  • Carrying out daily system health checks and sharing a report on the same.

  • Carry out hardware, channel and system testing for new implementations and technologies. A report on findings to be generated and shared with all stake holders at the end of the test period.

  • Maintains financial accounts by processing customer adjustments and providing billing information.

  • Escalate to corporate all service related issues that require third level support (Products, services, programs and information which the individual must provide to external individuals or groups, or one another to accomplish the organization’s mission and strategy)

  • Resolve escalated customer queries and complaints and provide feedback to customers and matters resolved.

  • Escalate issues to relevant departments and follow up to resolution

  • Tracking of escalations to other departments and third level to ensure issue resolution within stipulated TATs

  • Enforcement of the escalations and call back process for better customer experience

  • Knowledge of Clarity and core Clarity pillars – ICC, SAP & CRM


Key Measures/KPIs

  • First Response Time: -Achieve a first response time of 4 hours for cases escalated to business desk and emails, and 30 minutes for urgent escalations sent by email to business desk support mailing list.

  • Service Level Agreement:-Maintaining a business desk SLA of 99% with at least 90% of the cases handled within 4 hours in order to avoid repeat calls and enhance customer experience

  • Case Resolution Rate:-measures productivity of each back office team member. It is a comparative measure based on the number of cases/emails handled per day/ hour in relation to the average for the day to measure individual effectiveness. A variance of not more than 5% from average case/emails for the day with 95% productivity is expected.

  • Escalation Management-measures This KPI measures how escalations are handled. Escalations to third level must be followed up for a ref number and indicated on the tracker and status updated accordingly. Cases on individual queues should not stay for more 72 hours old, unless advised by reporting manager.

  • Case Quality Tagging:-measures the quality of cases escalated to business desk from all touch points and also the quality of the resolution/feedback given from business desk. Cases that lack critical information will be tagged as invalid with reason for tagging given by the person who handled the case. Resolution to be guided by Business Rules, to reduce risk to the organization. Target is 90% quality.

  • Attendance and Punctuality:-measures the team's attendance against scheduled shifts. The target is to achieve less than 5% absence of the total working days with 95% punctuality.


Key Internal contacts

  • Business Desk Supervisor- (daily) Schedule adherence, daily reporting, performance reviews and feedback sessions, escalation, resolving complex issues/feedback, Consultation.

  • CSR (daily): Source of escalations to be handled

  • Operations Supervisors (Daily)-through the business desk supervisor, share feedback on case handling and any service affecting issues picked from the call centre that need business desk’s intervention

  • Head of Operations (Weekly, Monthly): Direction, Support, Escalations, Working environment, Welfare, communication, reports.

  • Other MCK Departments (Daily):-Logging escalations on behalf, follow up and sharing updates from corporate till closure


Key External contacts

  • Corporate (daily): Log service affecting calls to service desk (Corporate), and follow up till closure.

  • Agencies:-handle customer related escalations from agencies that come via cases on Clarity

  • Credited DStv installers (Daily):-Call installers to handle customer installations




The incumbent is required to have the following qualifications and experience level:

  • Minimum first degree in social sciences and/or a business related field

  • 1 to 2 years’ experience in a Call-Centre or frontline service experience




The incumbent should have demonstrated the following competencies:

  • Initiative

  • Drive

  • Approachability

  • Time Flexibility

  • Service Orientation

  • Resilience

  • Good Judgement

  • Initiative

  • Self confidence

  • Integrity




The incumbent is required to have the following behavioral competencies:

  • Problem Solving

Identify with and understand the problem at hand; develop a clear action plan to address the problem by involving people; systems affected by the same problem; identify the right resources/action points to mitigate the problem. Ensure follow up where necessary until issue resolution.


  • Communication

Provide clear and understandable explanations of insights and ideas. Enhance communication through the use of appropriate gestures and body language. Respond to others with courtesy, tact and effectiveness while maintain confidentiality at all times.


  • Customer Service Orientation

Focuses on meeting the needs of the customer by addressing concerns raised through cases, email and other departments with priority.








The incumbent is required to have the following functional competencies:

  • Communication – Oral

Ability to convey information orally to individuals or groups to ensure that they understand the message.  Ability to listen and respond appropriately to information from others.


  • Client/Customer Service:

Ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with clients (those who buy goods and services, and for whom formal professional services are rendered) or customers (those who consume goods and services) by listening to the client/customer and understanding and responding to identified needs.


  • Teamwork

Ability to actively participate as a member of a team to move toward the completion of goals.


  • Coordination - Work:  

Ability to follow instructions through a standard work process.  Ability to perform routine tasks Ability to check work for accuracy before completion of tasks.


  • Technical Knowledge (KU Band, SeSat, W4, C-Band)

Ability to differentiate between the different satellite technologies (IS20 vs. E36B) and the countries in which they are operational.





The incumbent is required to demonstrate the following personality attributes:

  • Evaluative thinking style: critically evaluates information, looks for potential limitations, and focuses upon errors.

  • Well-organized: organization skills are key in helping juggle between tasks. Business desk team has to handle escalations from touch points while also logging cases with third party support and following up on them.

  • Critical and logical thinking: thought process needs to be consistent and logical when resolving issues escalated to the desk